EmilyAnnGhoshOn Thursday, September 29, the Long Beach Post hosted an event to honor young people from around the city who are doing great things to better their community and beyond. Out of hundreds of nominations from our readers, judges chose 40 winners, representing a range of professions and activism. The Post will be profiling each honoree in the coming days.

Emily Ghosh truly cares—about her daughter, husband, “fur babies,” and the City of Long Beach.

Described as “giving” by her nominators, she’s also known for her capability, empathy and passion in saving hundreds of dogs and cats throughout the Long Beach area through her organization, Live Love Pet Care, with her husband.

Ghosh runs a network of pet foster parents, taking on some of the most difficult cases of neglect and abuse among pets, according to the website. According to her admirers, she is a “beacon of hope” for those in the Long Beach pet rescue community, and looks to embody that symbol for years to come.

“It feels pretty darn good to be recognized as a 40 Under 40 Long Beach citizen!” Ghosh told the Post. “I’m humbled and grateful to be honored by and included among such a spectacular group of humans.”

She said she’s truly proud of Long Beach’s diversity and the population’s commitment to helping others, especially the city’s status as one of the top pet-friendly cities in the country.

“There’s a real community spirit despite the urban setting and large population,” said Ghosh. “I’ll never forget some of the kindest acts of humanity I’ve witnessed and experienced first hand in this lovely city. […]This is the magical place that inspired me to start a pet care company and subsequently our nonprofit animal rescue. I’m proud to call Long Beach home and grateful for the family of pet lovers I’ve met here.”

Photo courtesy of Emily Ghosh