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It’s been nearly four years and frustrated drivers have long lamented the seemingly endless construction at the 405 connectors between Long Beach and Orange County. Now, the light is at the end of the offramp as the $277M West County Connectors Project nears completion.

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First to open last week to drivers was the direct transition from the carpool lane on the southbound 405 to the eastbound 22. Over the following weeks, crews will finish re-striping the 405 in order to accommodate the remaining new carpool connectors: two carpool lanes in each direction on the 405, between the 22 and the 605, and the remaining carpools to open in December, according to the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA). In total, 6 mile of carpool lanes will be added.

The connector acts a key entrance into Long Beach from Orange County, where it meets the 22 to become 7th and deliver drivers and transit folk from OCTA to Cal State Long Beach, the VA Hospital, and those wishing to connect with Long Beach Transit. It also acts as driving conduit to the 605 freeway.

For an updated list of nighttime closures, please visit click here.

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