Island Chaffee, left and Island Freeman, right, as San Pedro is seen in Long Beach Monday, August 10, 2020. Photo by Thomas R. Cordova

Six people were rescued after a boat capsized following a collision with another boat near Island Chaffee Saturday night just hours after the Naples Boat Parade.

A call for help on the marine distress channel around 10 p.m. triggered Long Beach Fire Department’s marine safety team and the police department’s Fox helicopter to respond, Long Beach Fire Department Captain Jack Crabtree said.

Two noncommercial, 25-foot boats had collided causing one boat to capsize and throw its six passengers into the water, Crabtree said. By the time rescue boats arrived, the four adults and two minors had made their way out of the water and onto the other boat involved in the collision.

The passengers were transported by paramedics to local hospitals and appeared to be in stable condition, Crabtree said.

Due to increased safety measures during the Naples Boat Parade earlier that night, marine safety boats assisting with the parade were still in the area and able to respond to the collision site to help right-side the capsized boat and work with lifeguard boats for towing.

It was unclear if the boats were part of the Naples Boat Parade, which began around 6 p.m. and concluded around 8 p.m.