Officials at the Aquarium of the Pacific on Thursday announced they are partnering with the Monterey Bay Aquarium to help rehabilitate sea otter pups, a threatened species.

Millie the sea otter is kept in a backspace before being introduced to the public at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Photo by Thomas R. Cordova.

The local aquarium will take in three to four rescued pups at a time, to be housed near the Molina Animal Care Center. The aquarium also welcomed a surrogate mother for the orphaned pups, an otter named Millie, a 4-year-old female who has successfully reared a pup in the past.

“Based on her experience and disposition, she is ideally suited to serve as a surrogate mom,” officials said in a press release.

Millie joined other sea otters at the aquarium on Thursday.

Millie, left, plays with Maggie as she adapts to her new habitat at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Photo by Thomas R. Cordova.

The surrogate program is part of a long-standing effort by the Monterey aquarium, which has rehabilitated pups since the 1980s.

The local program is funded in part by the California State Coastal Conservancy Sea Otter Recovery Grant Program. The aquarium will also launch a public fundraising campaign.

Anyone interested in getting involved should visit the website or call 562-951-1701.