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The Aquarium of the Pacific welcomed its newest residents as they waddled into the world: two Magellanic penguin chicks, each born to a pair of new parents.

One chick, less than a week old, is the product of Patsy and Noodles while the other, about three weeks old, was born to Kate and Avery. Come late August or early September, the chicks will happily leave their nest to meander and explore their new home, the June Keyes Penguin Habitat, where the public can view them take their first dips in the habitat.

Penguins02According to the Aquarium, the South American Magellanic Penguin lays eggs which take 38 to 43 days to hatch. Born initially with their eyes closed, it takes about a week for their eyes to open and see the world, including their parents, for the first time. Over the course of 90 days, the chicks slowly shed—or what is called fledging—their down-like feather with sub-adult feathers that are waterproof. It is after fledging that the Aquarium will not only place the chicks into the habitat but be able to tell the gender of the chick.

For those who wish to adopt the penguin chicks through the Adopt an Animal program, they are encouraged to start doing so beginning with $25 donations. In recognition of your support, you’ll receive a nifty adoption certificate and, far more importantly, a photo of your animal.

It’s okay: your heart can melt again. And if it hasn’t, look at those pictures again.

Aquarium of the Pacific is located 100 Aquarium Way.

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