Perkowitz + Ruth Architects (P+R), the firm that shares space with Studio One Eleven in Downtown Long Beach, has strengthened its team of creatives, adding 2012 American Institute of Architects fellow David Rogers to its team as one of its principals.

The hire comes shortly after P+R made a large shift with the hiring of a new Director of Business Development and a new Director of Marketing this past March. Rogers has been in the architectural game for nearly four decades, largely recognized for his unwavering belief that spaces are to be public and experiential while also being sustainable—a term and concept that few architects bothered with during the 70s and 80s.

“David is an internationally recognized leader in retail and mixed-use design and he will be a tremendous addition to support our ongoing goals to create dynamic places where people shop, live, work and play,” says Steve Ruth CEO of P+R. “Through his steadfast commitment to his principles as a designer, architect and urbanist will, in collaboration with the partners of P+R Architects, propel the firm’s global reach in new and exciting directions.”

zlote-tarasy-warsaw-poland-by-wb-in-2007 bearb6

The Zlote Tarasy building in Warsaw. Photo courtesy of Cloudfront. Designed by David Rogers while at Jerde.

Internationally, Rogers is recognized for the Beursplein project in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, a space he created while co-directing design under The Jerde Partnership. The commercial boulevard not only connected two previously disjointed neighborhoods through its glass canopy, but brought new life to the area as it is slowly becoming an architectural icon for locals and visitors alike. Even more impressive is his work on the Zlote Tarasy building in Warsaw: the $500M commercial building, with its waves of geometric glass panels, has brought unforeseen corporate and commercial success to an area that had otherwise been commercially vacant.

More locally, his re-design and relocation of Santa Monica Place as well as the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas (which echoes his works in Beursplein) have earned him both praise and accolades.

Rogers will bring his talent to P+R’s Placemaking Studio, an area of the firm dedicated entirely to retail, commercial and mixed-use typologies.

P+R’s influence throughout Long Beach includes the 4th & Linden building which is now home to Lyons Art Supplies, Atlantic Studios, and City Fabrick as well as the much-lauded Senior Arts Colony, which was honored with four major awards last year as well as being named the county’s best multi-family project.

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