That trip to Catalina—the one taken on any day that’s not your birthday—just got a tiny bit cheaper. The Catalina Express today announced it would be dropping its fares from $74.50 for adults to $72.00, along with slight drops in price round-the-board.

The ferry also announced a new departure schedule, which will begin on March 11, 2016.

“Though costs are going up, the price of fuel has been dropping and we are pleased to pass along these savings to our passengers,” said Greg Bombard, president of Catalina Express in a statement. “Our new schedule is designed to allow our vessels to run more efficiently, giving our passengers more convenient departure times and to allow on-time departures and arrivals with crossing times remaining at just over an hour each way.”

Senior prices have dropped to $65.00, child prices have dropped to $56.50, infants are $5.00 and group rates are now $65.00 per person. The military price is roughly $66.50.

The full price spectrum from Long Beach and Dana Point is as follows:


According to a release, more than 25 million passengers have ridden Catalina Express since it began service 35 years ago. Its recent Ride Free on Your Birthday and Birthday Island programs have proven to be quite a hit.