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Photo taken from Long Beach Parks, Recreation & Marine of the finalists from the 2012 tournament.

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To be hosted by the National Law Enforcement Cancer Support Foundation, the sixth annual Chrissy Strong-Marshall Memorial Kickball Tournament will be held on Saturday, January 21 at the El Dorado Park baseball fields, it was announced.

“Chrissy was known for her passion and dedication to the Long Beach Community and promoted inclusion for all people,” the city release stated. “But while fighting for others, Chrissy was fighting her own battle against cancer, which she valiantly fought for seven years, until she passed away in 2009 at the age of forty.”

A friend to many and a former bureau manager for the City of Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine Department, Strong-Marshall was responsible for overseeing all recreation programs, according to the announcement.



What’s In A Name?


After her passing in 2009, then Seventh District Councilmember Tonia Reyes Uranga told the Post that Strong-Marshall continued to make phone calls from her bed, despite her worsening health.

“She was a star, in that sense,” Reyes Uranga said.

The kickball tournament brings together city employees and friends to participate in friendly competition, while raising funds for two charities: the National Law Enforcement Cancer Support Foundation and City of Hope.

This year, sixteen teams are expected to compete for the coveted trophy. The Long Beach Police Officers Association will also provide a free barbeque lunch to all participants.

The National Law Enforcement Cancer Support Foundation was founded by Josef Levy, a retired commander with the Long Beach Police Department and Steve Bowles, a sergeant with the Seal Beach Police Department, both of whom are cancer survivors.

The volunteer-driven, donor-supported foundation provides free emotional support, guidance and resources to all members of the law enforcement community during a cancer experience.

Those interested in becoming a tournament sponsor or making a donation, please contact Levy at (562) 577-5874.

Asia Morris is a Long Beach native covering arts and culture for the Long Beach Post. You can reach her @hugelandmass on Twitter and Instagram and at [email protected].

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