Christian Outreach in Action, located on the corner of Third Street and Linden Avenue, has the only public restroom accessible to the unhoused community in the area.

That may seem like a small resource, but Executive Director Dixie Dohrmann says it is just one way the nonprofit is trying to be good neighbors to residents of the community while serving the unhoused and impoverished as well.

A Christian Outreach in Action volunteer hands out food. Photo by Thomas Cardova

COA has provided meals for those in need for over 40 years but their outreach programs offer more than just meals. The non-denominational nonprofit provides legal services, clothing, diapers, health screenings and more. Recently, residents in the community started a petition to have the organization removed from the area.

On today’s episode of “The Word” podcast, Dohrmann shares how COA is striving to improve life for everyone in the community, and how we all need to work to solve the homelessness issue.

Hear the audio podcast here.

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