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Last week, the Long Beach City Council adopted a two-year, renewable pilot program aimed at improving parking safety in the Peninsula neighborhood of Long Beach, the city announced Monday. The program will permit motorists to park their vehicles on the left side of the streets that run perpendicular to Ocean Boulevard and dead-end at the water.

Former Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal authored state legislation that made the council approval of the measure possible. The legislation makes exemptions to the California Vehicle Code (CVC), which prohibits vehicles from parking parallel to the left-hand curb on two-way streets.

“The Council’s action to approve this innovative approach will go a long way toward improving the parking situation on the Peninsula,” said Councilmember Suzie Price in a statement. 

A study by the Department of Public Works concluded that the program will improve the Peninsula’s traffic safety. In fact, according to a release issued by the city, 30 accidents have occurred on the side streets in the last five years.

The release stated that the pilot program will eliminate the need for vehicles to make the sharp turn-around movements required to exit the side streets, thus encouraging safe driving practices.

The area of the pilot program involves the area along Ocean Boulevard from Balboa Place to 72nd Place, excluding 62nd Place.

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