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The City of Long Beach is partnering with the University of Southern California and the Southern California Earthquake Authority to sponsor Tsunami Preparedness Week, city officials announced Tuesday.

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From Monday, March 27 through Thursday, March 31, the city will be hosting activities to help inform residents on how to prepare for a tsunami and what to do if one strikes.

“During a major disaster, emergency response personnel will be overwhelmed and resources will be limited,” Mayor Robert Garcia said in a statement. “Tsunami Preparedness Week provides an opportunity for residents to really focus on their plans to survive a tsunami. However, residents should also be prepared and practice their plans to survive any man-made or natural disaster.”

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A tsunami could hit Long Beach as the result of an earthquake or deep water landslides.

What to expect during Tsunami Preparedness Week:

  • Distribution of a newly developed Tsunami Preparedness Guide designed for Long Beach residents to learn how to plan for and survive a tsunami.
  • The Long Beach Tsunami Walk, which will be held Saturday, March 25 at 8:00AM for residents in the tsunami inundation/flood zone and for anyone wanting to get prepared. Residents are encouraged to meet at Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier and walk to a designated safe zone where city staff will answer questions and provide additional information.
  • The City’s Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Communications Department will canvass businesses in the tsunami inundation/flood zone Monday, March 27 and hand out the new Tsunami Preparedness Guide.
  • The City’s Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Communications Department will coordinate a Tsunami Communications Drill Wednesday, March 29 to practice interagency communications in the event of a tsunami warning.
  • The city will test its ability to communicate with residents in the tsunami inundation/flood zone who have signed up to receive AlertLongBeach emergency notifications Thursday, March 30.

If a tsunami were expected to hit Long Beach, residents are advised to move to higher ground.

The city recommends that all residents be prepared for any disaster by creating an emergency supply kit filled with enough food, water and other daily items to last for five days.

To sign up for AlertLongBeach notifications, click here.

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