Long Beach Breaks Same-Day Record Heat Set in 1968 • Long Beach Post

A high-pressure system coupled with Santa Ana winds sent temperatures spiking upward today, tying or toppling heat records for the date across the region.

By early afternoon, Long Beach had already reached 96 degrees, breaking the record of 91 set for the date in 1968. Downtown Los Angeles reached 94 degrees, tying the record set way back in 1890, according to the National Weather Service.

Burbank reached a record high of 92, beating the 2014 record of 91 degrees, while UCLA’s temperature of 91 degrees beat the 1968 record of 87.

As the day wore on, gusting winds became less of an issue—a stark change from the overnight hours when strong winds were reported across the area. According to the NWS, between 7:00PM Sunday through early Monday, gusts reached 60MPH in the San Gabriel Mountains, 39MPH in the Santa Monica mountains, 38MPH in the Antelope Valley, 37MPH in the San Fernando Valley, 36MPH in the Santa Clarita Valley and 25MPH in Beverly Hills.

Forecasters said it will still be warm Tuesday, but highs were expected to be 10 to 15 degrees cooler in coastal areas and 4 to 6 degrees lower in the valleys. The cooling trend is expected to continue through Thursday.

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