Most of us can’t remember our favorite toy at the age of 3. That could be because that toy did not ignite a passion within us.

Clifton Weaver is not like most of us. While we were begging our parents for the latest toy, Weaver was fervently asking his parents to play the 1974 album “Fire” by the Ohio Players.

Instead of playing the same album for their determined toddler over and over, Weaver’s parents gave him his own turntable and copy of the album to play on repeat.

Looking back, that is the moment Weaver the DJ, also known as DJ Soft Touch, was born. On this episode of “The Word with Jackie Rae” podcast, we delve into Weaver’s musical upbringing, discovering how his early experiences have become the foundation for his exceptional DJ skills and unwavering loyalty to vinyl.

Weaver is set to start his new residency in the downtown Los Angeles Arts District this week — and you can find him every month at his ’60s soul/garage rock night at the Monty Bar in Westlake. You can find Weaver’s upcoming DJ appearances by visiting his Instagram.