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Avid hikers, mountain bicyclists, equestrians and basically anyone who remotely appreciates the more natural landscape of our county can praise the Trail Gods as the County of Los Angeles has unveiled its new website dedicated entirely to getting your trail on.

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Spearheaded by Supervisor Michael Antovich, who described the website as “a very comprehensive, highly interactive website that will expose more people to these inimitable natural resources, deepen their knowledge about them and expand opportunities to enjoy healthy outdoor recreation,” took years to make as designers and developers GPS-mapped the trails and culled the data into a GIS database.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 5.21.49 PMFrom the coast to the far reaches of the Santa Monica Mountains, the Angeles National Forest to the San Gabriel Mountains, from the high desert to the urban core, the site is a one-stop source for the most comprehensive list of 367 miles trails in the county. Users can plan trips around trial length, elevation gain, and whether they are even permitted to access the trail. You can even download QuickGuides, look at a pictures and explore interactive maps to look at steepness or surface type.

“Whatever their recreational preference, trail users are among the most passionate and informed outdoor enthusiasts,” said Department of Parks and Recreation Director Russ Guiney in a statement. “The evidence is clear: Recreation in nature brings a number of wellness benefits to those who enjoy it. This website is part of our mission to encourage that type of recreation—and increase the level of participation—by making it as accessible and user-friendly as possible.”

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