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covered-californiaTonight at midnight is the deadline to enroll in Covered California, however, those who begin the process now, have been granted four extra days to complete it, Covered California announced today.

Between Wednesday, February 1 and Saturday, February 4, consumers who start an application can complete the process with assistance from a Certified Insurance Agent, Service Center Representative or Community Enrollment Partner, which include Certified Enrollment Counselors, Certified Application Counselors and Plan-Based Enrollers, according to the release.

Consumers who complete their applications by Saturday will have their healthcare coverage begin on March 1.

“Experience tells us that people wait until the last day to sign up for health insurance, and we do not want to leave anyone behind,” said Covered California Executive Director Peter V. Lee in a statement. “Health care is so important, and people should not miss this opportunity to get coverage if they get caught up in a wave of last-minute shoppers.”

After open enrollment closes, consumers may only sign up for coverage due to a life-changing event, such as losing healthcare coverage, getting married, having a child or moving, according to the announcement. Financial assistance is also available.

“We will help people get across the finish line in the days following the deadline, but you must take steps to begin the process by today,” Lee said in a statement. “Covered California has partners who will make enrollment easier than you think, and with the financial help that is available it can be more affordable than you realize.”

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More than 320,000 people have newly enrolled since November 1, according to data released by Covered California last week. Although concerns about the nationwide debate regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) may be daunting, consumers are still enrolling at a similar rate compared to last year.

“We recognize that the discussion in Washington can be unsettling, but those without insurance should not hesitate to enroll in coverage if they can afford it,” Lee said in an earlier statement. “Purchasing insurance can give them access to health care almost immediately, which can be life-changing.”

Consumers can enroll online here and receive free assistance by visiting the help page here. Enrollment can also be done over the phone by calling Covered California at (800) 300-1506. For more updates, visit the Facebook page here.

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