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Cal State Long Beach’s University Police Department (UPD) has been busy during the spring semester, arresting three individuals for attempted bike theft, one for assault and working with the Tustin Police Department to identify a man wanted in connection with grand theft auto.

March 13

Bradley Keith Utley, 24, and David James Peraza, 19, were arrested by UPD for bike theft at the Beachside Residential College on Pacific Coast Highway. The men were seen trying to steal a bicycle by means of damage and defeating the u-lock.

Witnesses who called UPD took photographs of the men, which aided in their arrest.

Utley and Peraza’s access to campus property was revoked until March 20.


From left to right: suspects Bradley Keith Utley ad David James Peraza.

March 14

UPD arrested John Tona Rodriguez, 63, at Beachside Residential College for attempted bike theft. Witnesses reported Rodriguez tried to steal a bicycle by way of damage and defeating the u-lock with a metal pole and piece of construction rebar and captured the incident on video.

Rodriguez’s access to campus property was revoked until March 21.


Suspect John Tona Rodriguez.

March 16

UPD issued a Timely Warning in response to a report of an attempted carjacking at the South Turn Around near Parking Lot 7 around 9:30PM Wednesday, March 15.

A male student was waiting in his car to pick up a female student, when the suspect approached him and threatened to fight him for his vehicle. The suspect lifted his shirt, as if to reach for his waistline, but no weapons were seen. Then, the suspect opened the driver side door and attempted to pull the student out of the vehicle.

However, the student put his car in reverse and backed up, causing the suspect to fall and roll in front of the car. During this time, the female student entered the passenger side of the vehicle and the two drove away.

The student said that as he drove off, he heard a thump and believes he may have run over one of the suspect’s body parts. The suspect then fled the scene in a 2000-2005 white Toyota Tacoma with a camper shell that was parked nearby.

After working with the Tustin Police Department, the students identified the suspect.


The suspect, pictured above during a robbery committed the same day, is described as a Hispanic male, around 30-years-old, six feet tall and roughly 180 pounds with a distinctive tattoo on his left arm.

While the investigation is ongoing, UPD does not believe he poses an immediate threat to the campus.

April 4

Around 12:15PM, UPD responded to a report that a man had punched a female student in the chest as she walked into the University Convenience Store next to the University Bookstore.

The man was later identified as Adrian Drannel Aglugub and arrested. He has no connection with CSULB and has a history of criminal activity.


Suspect Adrian Drannel Aglugub.

In response to these incidents, UPD recommends the students, and anyone who comes on campus, follow the below safety tips:

  • Walk in well-lit areas; stay away from alleys
  • Avoid walking alone and use the Community Service Officer Program for Escorts or the buddy system
  • Keep expensive items out of sight
  • Stay alert, tuned in to your surroundings and walk with a purpose
  • Call University Police at (562) 985-4101 if you see any suspicious activity or people and 911 for emergencies

Following these tips will greatly reduce the chances of robbery or theft, according to UPD’s website.

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