A motorist whose car slammed into a roundabout in a Long Beach intersection today was taken into custody, police said.

The crash occurred about 2 a.m. at Fourth Street and Daisy Avenue, according to the Long Beach Police Department.

Marisela Ovalle, 27, of Gardena was booked on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, and was being held on $30,000 bail, police said.

Security video showed the car veering over a curb, hitting a decorative boulder within the traffic circle and going airborne.

“The car … hit the boulder there, launching the boulder forward,hitting both the (parked) cars,” Angel Ruiz, owner of one of the parked cars, told NBC4. The traffic circle was reportedly installed in the middle of the intersection a couple of years ago.

Editor’s note: We changed “traffic circle” to “roundabout” to avoid confusion with Long Beach’s big Traffic Circle.