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A Long Beach man was arrested Friday after a homeowner fired a gun while confronting two alleged burglars in Garden Grove.

Officers were sent at about 11:30 a.m. to the 13800 block of Rosita Place to investigate a report of gunfire and a fight in progress, according to Garden Grove police Lt. Carl Whitney.

“Officers arrived within two minutes and saw neighbors holding a suspect down on the ground,” Whitney said. “This suspect was taken into custody immediately.”

Investigators learned that two men had burglarized a home in the 13800 block of La Bonita Avenue, west of the fight location. The suspects smashed a sliding glass window and ransacked the home, setting off an alarm, Whitney said.

Burglary suspect Chantha Van. Photo courtesy of Garden Grove Police

The suspects fled out the back into the rear yard of a home on Rosita Place and when the homeowner saw them holding what turned out to be stolen property, he confronted them, arming himself with a legally owned handgun.

The homeowner attempted to detain the men, but they instead attacked the man and during the fight, the handgun discharged. Both suspects then fled, Whitney said.

“One suspect was tackled by another neighbor and was held down until the police arrived,” Whitney said. “The second suspect ran to a black Lincoln Navigator SUV that was displaying paper dealer license plates. The black SUV was driven by a third suspect and they fled from the neighborhood. Officers checked the area for the SUV but it was not located.”

The homeowner whose gun discharged said he thought one of the suspects had been shot, but a check of local hospitals turned up no victim, Whitney said.

The arrested suspect was identified as Chantha Van, 36, of Long Beach. He was taken to a hospital for minor injuries and was admitted for observation for unrelated health issues.

Detectives are looking for the other suspects.