A former Long Beach Police Department detective and a family member with alleged gang affiliations were arrested Thursday for conspiracy to obstruct justice after it was discovered that the officer had leaked information about a murder investigation that was passed on to high-ranking members of the gang. 

At a news conference held Friday after both had posted $60,000 bail, a somber Police Chief Jim McDonnell told media about the complex chain of events that led the Department to investigate and arrest one of their own. Yvonne Robinson, a detective in the youth services division who was last February recognized for her community service, came under scrutiny last year while police were investigating members of the Baby Insane Crip criminal street gang for the 2009 murder of 19-year-old Frank Castro.

“During the investigation, detectives learned that members of the gang were being provided information on the murder investigation to aid the suspects involved in that case,” McDonnell said. “The leaked information appeared to come from someone in the police department and an investigation was immediately launched.”

In May 2012, detectives learned that Robinson was the source of the information and placed her under surveillance. Over the next few months, sufficient evidence was gathered to prove that Robinson was reviewing police reports and providing information to Prentice Andre Jones, the 24-year-old brother of her brother-in-law, who then passed it on to higher-ranking gang members. Jones was also arrested Thursday.

Robinson was placed on administrative leave in July 2012 and after an administrative investigation, her employment was terminated on March 7, 2013. The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office reviewed the complex case and filed charges this week. 

The complaint against Robinson and Jones includes 21 overt acts showing the conspiracy between them and the charges include gang enhancements of knowingly aiding a criminal street gang. Robinson was a 13-year veteran of the force and has been a detective for the last seven.

“It is extremely disappointing when the behavior of one individual undermines the public trust that this Department works so hard to uphold,” McDonnell said. “We will not tolerate actions that dishonor the badge that we wear so proudly.”

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