A man was walking home in North Long Beach last month when a pair of armed robbers forced him to open his front door before being scared off by the man’s family, according to court documents.

The victim had just parked his car near 65th Street and Brayton Avenue and was walking up his driveway at around 9:50 p.m. on Dec. 3 when the two muggers approached and asked if he’d seen their missing pitbull, according to a search warrant recently filed by police.

One of the robbers then pulled out a handgun and held it inches from the victim’s chest, police wrote.

They grabbed his phone and wallet before telling the victim that they’d shoot him unless he let them inside his house, according to the warrant.

“Due to the threat of death, he had no choice but to walk them into his home, which was occupied by his family, which also included children,” police wrote.

One of the robbers pulled on a mask as they approached the front door, according to police, who wrote that the victim rang the doorbell because he wasn’t sure if the robbers had taken his keys.

When the victim’s son-in-law opened the door, the robbers “got scared” and left, according to police.

But as they fled, one of the muggers snapped a picture of the home’s address, which the victim told police he assumed was meant to intimidate him.

Police said they quickly arrived at the scene and were able to track the victim’s stolen phone to a home on Peace Street near Locust Avenue, which is about a block from the LBPD’s North Division substation.

Police detained one man at a home there and the victim identified him as one of the muggers, according to the warrant.

Authorities identified him as 19-year-old Jailynn Cottrell. He’s since been charged with robbery, and he has a separate case pending against him for weapons possession, according to court records.

Jail records show he’s being held on $210,000 bail.

Police say they’re still searching for two additional suspects but so far don’t have any description of them.

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