Weapon recovered from the crime scene. Photo courtesy of the Long Beach Police Department. 

UPDATE | Authorities have identified Friday night’s stabbing suspect who was fatally shot by police after injuring six people in North Long Beach.

Police said Long Beach resident Derrick Lee Hunt, 28, stabbed his 29-year-old wife, the wife’s 25-year-old brother, and a 24-year-old male neighbor—who are also Long Beach residents—at an apartment complex on the north side of the 3200 block of East Artesia Boulevard.

Hunt continued the stabbing spree on foot to a convalescent home on the south side of Artesia Boulevard where he stabbed three employees, including a 23-year-old Bell Gardens resident, a 33-year-old Los Angeles resident and a 24-year-old Whittier resident. All three employees were females, according to a press release.

Officers responded to the stabbing call at 8:17PM Friday, August 7. Upon arrival they were immediately pointed to the suspect by citizens frantically waving them down, officials said.

Once police encountered the suspect, an officer-involved shooting subsequently occurred, and Hunt was pronounced dead at the scene, according to authorities.

Five of the six stabbing victims were transported to local hospitals by paramedics. The sixth victim was treated on scene for superficial wounds. All victims are currently in stable condition.

The motive for the crime remains under investigation, officials said.

PREVIOUSLY: Six People Stabbed in North Long Beach; Suspect Fatally Shot by Police

8/8/15 at 8:13AM | Six people were stabbed in North Long Beach on Friday night, authorities said, by a man who was later fatally shot by police at the scene.

Officers responded to a call of an active stabbing at 8:17PM on Friday, August 7, on the 3200 block of East Artesia Boulevard, Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) spokeswoman Megan Zabel said. 

Arriving officers learned that six victims had been stabbed by the male suspect before police arrived.  

An officer-involved shooting then ensued when police encountered the suspect, Zabel said, ultimately leading to the death of the suspect at the scene. 

According to police, five of the six victims were transported to the hospital, with injuries ranging from minor to critical. One victim was treated at the scene for superficial wounds.

The nature of the victims’ injuries has not been released by authorities. 

A release issued by Long Beach police states that preliminary investigations concluded the suspect began the crime at a multi-unit apartment complex on the 3200 block of East Artesia, where he stabbed three victims, two males and one female. He then proceeded across the street and entered a convalescent home, where he stabbed three females. 

Individuals at the scene waved the officers down and pointed them in the direction of the suspect, the release stated. Officers arrived at the scene within two minutes of the emergency dispatch call regarding the stabbing. 

This story was updated on 08/08/15 at 8:13AM with additional details regarding the crime and number of victims. 

Additional information was not available at this time. The POST will update this story as we learn more. 

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