Editor’s note: Police now say this attack did not occur and the student involved made a false report.

Police at Cal State Long Beach say they’re investigating a robbery where a woman was seemingly followed and assaulted while walking through a campus parking lot.

The woman was walking through parking lot R2, near the Parkside College dorms at CSULB, around 7:30 p.m. when she heard footsteps behind her, authorities said.

When she turned around, a man wearing a dark hoodie and pants said, “Give me all of your stuff,” before punching her in the stomach and face, CSULB police said.

The woman gave her wallet and AirPods to the man, who then ran away westbound, according to police. Lt. Carol Almauger said the woman is a student on campus and she was not seriously injured in the attack.

The suspect, meanwhile, was described by police as being a white man between 20 to 30 years old. The police department said it is working to locate more detailed suspect information, including looking through surveillance cameras across campus.

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to contact campus police at 562-985-4101 or through an anonymous tip line at 562-985-0042.