Seven Defendants Linked to 2017 Double Homicide Plead to Charges • Long Beach Post

Seven defendants charged in a shooting at a Long Beach liquor store that left two local men dead and two others wounded pleaded not guilty today.

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Morris Om, 30, Savanna Sok, 30, Brenda Sok, 25, Tiffany Som, 28, Jalen Justice Sisson, 23, Kelly Marie Reyes, 23, and Leonardo Lim, 21, all denied charges stemming from the killings of 21-year-old Danny Bunthung and 22-year-old Dallas Som.

Police said a dispute escalated into a shooting at the liquor store at Anaheim Street and Walnut Avenue last Oct. 10.

Om and Savanna Sok are facing two counts each of murder and attempted murder, as well as gang allegations. Om, the alleged gunman, is also charged with one count each of driving recklessly while fleeing police, child abuse and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Tiffany Som, who is not related to the older of the two victims, was arrested after police searched a Long Beach residence and has been charged as an accessory to the crime.

Brenda Sok, of Redlands, who is Savanna’s sister, was arrested in San Bernardino County and is also charged as an accessory.

Police say they recovered a gun from Savanna Sok when they arrested him Nov. 29, following a traffic stop and foot chase.

Reyes and Lim were in the vehicle with Sok and were also arrested and later charged as accessories.

Sisson is also charged as an accessory, as is Panthra Sok, who was arraigned earlier.

Two other defendants charged as accessories pleaded earlier this month to one count of accessory after the fact. Savannara Sok was sentenced Jan. 30 to three years probation and time served after spending more than three months in jail. Marilyn Reyes is set to be sentenced April 24.

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