Sheriff’s deputy injured after chase suspect rams into cruiser • Long Beach Post

A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy who suffered from non-life threatening injuries when the department cruiser she was in was rammed by a suspect in a vehicle in Norwalk has been released at 3 this morning from an area hospital.

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At 7:45 p.m. Friday, deputies from the sheriff’s Lakewood Station spotted a car speeding and driving recklessly in Bellflower and attempted to stop the driver, according to Deputy Marvin Crowder of the Sheriff’s Information Bureau.

The driver drove away at a high rate of speed and deputies began pursuit of the vehicle, but ended the chase as speeds increased and a sheriff’s helicopter began tracking the suspect’s vehicle, Crowder said.

The suspect drove to the area of Caulfield Avenue and Cheshire Street in Norwalk and the sheriff’s helicopter crew informed deputies in the area of the driver’s location, he said. Two sheriff’s cruisers approached the suspect’s vehicle and when he spotted the authorities, he attempted to ram the first sheriff’s vehicle, which got out of the way, but the second vehicle was struck and the deputy was injured.

She was taken to a hospital as a precaution and the driver was taken into custody. The names of the deputy and the suspect were not disclosed.

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