Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) officers patrolling the area surrounding Seaside and Pine Avenue at around 7:30PM Sunday night came upon a group of 30 juveniles who appeared to be involved in a large fight.

In an attempt to stave off what they feared could be a “bash mob”–described as a “planned, sudden assembly of individuals who attack innocent people and businesses, committing thefts and assaults and damaging property before fleeing”–officers detained multiple individuals, resulting in six citations ranging from pedestrian traffic violations to spitting in public.

As the investigation proceeded, it was discovered that the coordination of the event was conducted online, similar to last month’s planned bash mob, and that more were potentially on the way from Los Angeles. In response, police and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s transit deputies mounted a joint operation that culminated with the detention of around 20 more juveniles, some of whom received citations.

An unknown amount of citations were handed out for infractions that were not described by the LBPD. No local businesses reported any damage or theft during the disturbance. 

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