A UPS driver on Thursday afternoon was delivering a package on Pacific Coast Highway near Grand Avenue when someone got into his truck and drove off with it, officials said.

The stranded driver flagged down Long Beach police officers at about 12:10 p.m. to tell them about the theft, spokesman Brandon Fahey said. Police promptly blocked off streets in the area and found the empty truck near 20th Street and Obispo Avenue, where the thief appeared to have veered off to the side of the road into a driveway.

Officers were still on the scene searching for the suspect at 1 p.m., but because the driver didn’t see him or her, they don’t have a description available.

“It’s kind of hard because the driver was making deliveries and then just saw his truck driving off,” Fahey said. “Talk about a hard day at work.”

Police were able to return the driver’s truck to him shortly after finding it.

Long Beach police were investigating after a suspect attempted to steal a UPS truck and left it near 20th Street and Obispo Avenue. Photo by Dennis Dean.

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