Dept. of Justice Awards City $529,000 to Support SAFE LONG BEACH • Long Beach Post

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has awarded the City of Long Beach $529,000 in grants to support youth violence prevention strategies, enhance the safety and health of the community and continue to implement goals of the violence prevention plan, Safe Long Beach.

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On November 3, the Long Beach City Council officially accepted the award.

“These grant awards are a recognition of the City’s diligent efforts to ensure the safety of our community,” said Mayor Robert Garcia in a statement. “This funding will help to reduce crime throughout our neighborhoods and further support youth and families.”

According to a release issued by the office, the DOJ, the $529,000 funds two grants: the $250,000 Youth Violence Prevention Expansion Project grant and the $279,000 State and Community Development grant.

The Youth Violence Prevention Expansion Project aims to expand community outreach and local resources to assist families and children affected by violence, the release states. Additionally, the project will create public awareness campaigns about the impacts of violence in addition to strengthening ties between stakeholders in the community to spread awareness. Through the program, training will be provided to more than 80 providers who offer specialized care and services for child victims of violence and abuse.

The State and Community Development grant focuses on reducing truancy and delinquent behavior among students at Long Beach schools, using a campaign titled All In to target schools with high truancy rates and encourage collaboration among community stakeholders and the Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD).

Safe Long Beach is a product of the Safe Long Beach Violence Prevention Plan, which was approved by city council in May of 2014 and addresses a broad safety agenda aimed at reducing all forms of violence, including domestic abuse, child abuse, elder abuse, hate crimes, bullying, gang violence and violent crime. 

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