Photo courtesy of a Long Beach Post reader.

A broken chemical oil pipeline in a residential Long Beach street Wednesday morning resulted in temporary road closures and a response from the city’s fire and health departments.

Long Beach Fire Department (LBFD) personnel responded to the 2200 block of East Burnett Street in the city’s Wrigley neighborhood at 9:19AM. The hazardous material also required the response of the health department and a HazMat team. Police were also called to close down the street between Long Beach Boulevard and Locust Avenue.

Officials were able to mitigate the pipeline break when they identified the leak and were then able to “plug it up”, said LBFD spokesman Brian Fisk.

The leak did not pose a hazard and no evacuations were made, Fisk added. Reports of an odor were made around the same time nearby the leak, according to the app Pulse Point, which he said could have been linked to the pipeline break.

The cause and party responsible for the leak has not yet been determined, according to officials.

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