After discovering that her 2002 rape accusation against football player Brian Banks was fabricated, the Long Beach Unified School Districthas ordered Wanetta Gibson to pay $2.6 million in damages stemming from money she was awarded in a lawsuit. 

Following her false claim–which sent NFL-hopeful Banks into prison at 17-years-old–Gibson was given $750,000 by LBUSD after she asserted that the district’s poor security exacerbated the purported rape. According to the terms of her $1.5 million settlement, she was set to receive an additional $750,000 as well, however, she was recorded on video recanting her claim, eventually leading to the exoneration of Banks, who was recently signed to the Atlanta Falcons.

Gibson did not appear in any of the court proceededings and now owes the District $1.6 million in compensation for expenses incurred by LBUSD as well as an additional $1 million in various damages. The District also no longer has to pay the additional $750,000 set to be given to Gibson.

Last year, The Daily reported that Gibson’s neighbors told of “a wild spending spree” that Gibson and her mother went on with their share of the settlement.

“The mom was buying cars, big screen TVs and all sorts of things,” a former neighbor said of Rhodes. “One time Wanetta came up here with a wad of cash — she had $10,000 in her hand.”

“She showed up with a brand new Altima with some great rims,” said the neighbor, who asked not to be identified. “And she bought her mom a Suburban and a Dodge.”

Public records show that Wanetta and her mother spent through the money quickly and have since had most of the big ticket items they purchased repossessed. They continue to evade debt collectors as well as District officials making it unclear how the money will be recouped.

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