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House of Tomorrow

If the International Space Station and a Toyota Prius were to mate, the Wired Living Home would be its offspring – a mix of space-age technology and earth-friendly design that makes the effort to save the planet seem, at first glance, a little less austere.

This five-bedroom, four-bathroom house, featured on People of the Web, is a joint project of Wired Magazine and the architectural firm Living Homes and was constructed out of eleven glass and steel prefabricated modules on a sloping canyon lot in the exclusive Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Check out the green dream home at this week’s 5:
People of the Web – The Green Dream Home

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Justin “Haute Dog” Rudd

 How can anyone be so into dogs?  Dog blessings; Operation Santa Paws; Dog Poetry; Dog of the Week; a Haute Dog Easter Parade; a weekly online dog e-newsletter!  Over 600 dogs participated in this year’s Haute Dog Halloween Parade in Long Beach’s Belmont Shore.  600!!?  Justin Rudd is one of the most original, creative and resourceful people I know.  Justin, count me and my dog, GiGi, in for next Halloween.

Visit Justin Rudd’s underground K-9 syndicate at this week’s 4:

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BORAT – In Depth

Borat, the fictional Kazakh reporter who caused a diplomatic stir with his movie adventures in the United States, is back — with a guide book to “the glorious nation of Kazakhstan” and “minor nation of U.S. and A.”

The character continued in the same vein in a question and answer interview with Reuters via e-mail as the book was released in the United States and Canada this week:

Q: Who do you favor for President in the United States?
A: “I cannot believe that it possible a woman can become Premier of US and A – in Kazakhstan, we say that to give a woman power, is like to give a monkey a gun – very dangerous. We do not give monkeys guns any more in Kazakhstan ever since the Astana Zoo massacre of 2003 when Torkin the orang-utan shoot 17 schoolchildrens. I personal would like the basketball player, Barak Obamas to be Premier.”

Read the full interview with Reuters at this week’s 3:

High five! Borat is back on tour to amuse – and offend

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Carbon Strong Arm

The Oregonian reports:  In a bold move to curb the growth of greenhouse gas emissions from the Portland area, city officials plan to charge builders hundreds of dollars for each new home that is not extremely energy efficient.  And it would require, as part of every existing home sale, that an energy efficiency report be done by home inspectors.

Read what Portland is doing to curb carbon emissions at this week’s 2:

City unveils carbon tax plan

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The Evolution of Michael Jackson

Watch the video at this week’s 1

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