Drivers will face detours this weekend as crews work to demolish the final two columns for the northbound I-710 connector ramp to the Gerald Desmond Bridge.

The temporary road closures, from 10 p.m. today (Friday) to 10 p.m. Sunday, will cause detours for motorists heading west on Ocean Boulevard as they leave downtown Long Beach, as well as southbound travel along Harbor Scenic Drive heading toward the Queen Mary.

Drivers should allow extra time.

Here are the detours during the weekend closure:

  • If traveling west on Ocean Boulevard from downtown Long Beach and toward the bridge, motorists will be diverted north at Golden Shore toward the 710 freeway. Take I-710 north a short distance to exit at westbound Anaheim Street, then take the I-710 south route to exit at Pico Avenue. Take Pico Avenue south to the westbound on-ramp to the bridge. Alternatively, if San Pedro or the I-110 freeway are your destination, westbound motorists can take Anaheim Street all the way.
  • The primary detour to the Queen Mary from the southbound I-710 is to take the “Terminal Is/Pico Avenue” exit to Pico Avenue, then stay in the right lane to head south on Pico. After passing the bridge construction project, turn left onto South Harbor Scenic Drive and follow the signs to the Queen Mary.
  • The alternate detour to the Queen Mary is while traveling south on I-710, take the “Downtown Long Beach, Convention Center, Aquarium” exit then to Shoreline Drive, and continue to the Queen Mary on-ramp (Queens Way). Make a right turn onto Queens Way and follow the signs to the Queen Mary.

When fully completed, the $1.47 Gerald Desmond Bridge project will include six traffic lanes, a higher clearance for large cargo ships, a bike and pedestrian path with scenic overlooks, and more efficient transition ramps.

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