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The dozens of bags of clothes were tossed out of the back of a packed Chevy Yukon, and organized into sections on the grass of downtown’s Lincoln Park.  Men’s jackets here, women’s pants there, gloves and scarves and beanies and more over here. 

Sara Marquez and Matt Stanford helped the homeless sift through the donated clothing items until they found something useful in these chilly times.  The two started Project SHINE around this time last year, when they came to the park with just three bags of homemade scarves and other items.  On Friday, they gave away dozens of warm clothes and sent the rest to a women’s shelter.

“I would’ve never predicted this,” says Marquez, who was pleasantly surprised at the amount of clothing they were able to round up.  “It’s really nice, I just wish I could do more.”

By Ryan ZumMallen, Managing Editor

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