Residents who have concerns about anything traffic-related can submit a complaint through a new online form, the Long Beach Police Department announced Thursday.

The Traffic Complaint Online Form allows Long Beachers to report recurring parking issues and violations, abandoned vehicles, damaged street signs and obstructions, speeding vehicles at a regular location and more.

Along with traffic analysis and crime trends, the LBPD’s Traffic Enforcement Unit also relies on resident complaints to identify certain problem areas in the city. In these areas, officers may increase enforcement to look out for those driving under the influence as well as violations related to pedestrians, speeding, red lights and stop signs.

On the new form, a full name, email address and phone number is required to submit a complaint. Those submitting can choose from a range of issues, from frequent collisions to loud exhaust, or they can enter their own answer. The form can be found here.

Emergencies should still be reported by calling 911, police said.