Above: Alamitos Beach near Downtown Long Beach.

This article was updated on July 5. 

Photo by Brian Addison

Don’t let the June Gloom fool you, Long Beach.

According to the National Weather Service, a ridge of high pressure is expanding toward the west—which means that the entire Southland will be seeing an upward surge in temperature that could break previous heat records.

Tomorrow, July 6, is expected to see a high of 103, easily ousting the day record set back in 1998, where we hit a high of 91. Saturday is expected to see a quick cool down from that, hitting a high of 88 on Saturday and maintaining heat in the 80s throughout next week.

Our friends farther inland will also be seeing triple-digit heats, with the valleys peaking at 114 degrees and Downtown Los Angeles coming in at 100 degrees.

As always, it is important to find ways to stay cool, especially if you are farther inland, don’t have access to air conditioning, have low air circulation in your house (e.g. windows are unable to open or no screen doors), or have health problems that are exacerbated by excessive temperatures. Or, let’s be honest, you just aren’t a fan of the heat.

That’s why the city has designated cooling centers, often with extended hours during heatwaves: