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The tenth annual Charity Golf Classic managed to raise over $170,000 in Long Beach last week to provide stable, affordable homes for adults with developmental disabilities.

The tournament, held at the Virginia Country Club, saw 144 golfers from local businesses, sponsors, donors, guests and volunteers embrace the theme “Creating Independance”, helping Home Ownership for Personal Empowerment, Inc (HOPE) raise money that will go toward empowering individuals with special needs to become contributing members of their communities.

“I have supported HOPE for years because we believe the work they’re doing is essential to creating opportunities for people with developmental disabilities,” tournament committee member Forrest Riopelle of City National Bank said in a statement. “Their mission is also just great for the community, as their homes end up being the most beautiful and well-maintained properties on a block.”

Over 30 sponsors, including $15,000 sponsor California MENTOR and five $10,000 sponsors including City National Bank, Patricia Del Monico, Ambitions CA, Integrated Life and Social Vocational Services showed their support. “Day of” donations accounted for an additional $15,000.

HOPE has raised over $1.2 million since establishing the charity tournament ten years ago and Executive Director Kristin Martin proudly announced the progress being made toward achieving one of the organization’s goals during a dinner culminating the charity event.

“I am happy to update you all today that because of your support in recent years, HOPE has reached 88 percent of our 2014 goal to house an additional 80 residents by the end of 2018,” Martin said. “To date, we have created homes for 71 residents since 2014.”

Once completed, this achievement will have nearly doubled HOPE’s housing capacity over a four-year period.


Actress Cristina Sanz speaks during the charity event.

Guest speaker Cristina Sanz of the A&E docuseries, “Born This Way”, discussed how housing was instrumental in her personal growth. Sanz is featured on the show that focuses on adults living with Down Syndrome and their obstacles.

“My biggest dream is to be independent,” Sanz said in a statement. “And thanks to HOPE I am living my dream. When I was young, I dreamed of my own apartment. That dream became real nine months ago when I moved into my HOPE home.”

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