Long Beach received over 2 inches of rainfall this week, with the majority of wet weather coming Friday and into this morning.

As of Saturday evening, the city received 2.29 inches of rain at its measuring station at Long Beach Airport.

The rain is expected to remain moderate to heavy through Saturday, with a high surf and flood advisory still in effect.

So far for the rain year, which began Oct. 1, Long Beach as of Friday has received 11.63 inches of rain, which is 130% of normal for this time. By the end of Saturday, the city will have exceeded its average rainfall for the year of 12.02 inches.

And more is on the way. The National Weather Service says rain and showers will continue through Saturday, with a chance for some thunderstorms.

The weather will be partly cloudy and sunny Sunday, with a 40% chance of rain Monday, and a potential for rain Tuesday and Wednesday, as well.

Temperates will remain below average, with a high of 54 degrees today, 57 degrees Sunday and 59 degrees Monday. Lows will be in the low 40s.

A number of events around the region have been canceled due to the weather, and Interstate 5 has been closed again at the Grapevine due to snowfall, Caltrans reported Saturday morning.