This image from Google Earth shows the Long Beach Arena to the left (the circular blue structure) and the roughly 13-acre "elephant lot" to the right where city officials are discussing building a stadium for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

The Los Angeles Angels are in talks about possibly moving the team from Anaheim to Long Beach.

If it happens, the city would build a stadium on the roughly 13-acre “elephant lot” southeast of the Long Beach Arena and Performing Arts Center.

But is the area big enough for a baseball stadium?

Current waterfront Major League Baseball stadiums show that the land available in the elephant lot is roughly as large, or in some cases larger, than the land area where other stadiums have been built.

Additionally, other urban stadiums such as Target Field in Minneapolis and Fenway Park in Boston are both located on sites of around eight and a half acres.

Here is a comparison:

Long Beach elephant lot: 13 acres

Oracle Park in San Francisco: 12.7 acres

PNC Park in Pittsburgh: 14.7 acres

Petco Park in San Diego: 17 acres

Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati: 16.1 acres