Earlier this month, the Long Beach Post was able to help Project Dignity member Ishqa Hillman locate an unhoused woman affectionately known as “Goddaughter,” who had gone missing.

Helping people like Goddaughter feel compassion while living on the street is something Hillman takes pride in, and it is something she can relate to.

Hillman says she experienced every abuse and trauma imaginable by the time she was 5 years old. While still a teenager, she found herself living on the streets because “home wasn’t safe.”

Now, Hillman is using her experience to help others, including navigating “adulting” through her nonprofit Long Beach Peer Education Community Center, providing a platform for those in the cannabis business with Canna Boss Babes, or helping the unhoused as a volunteer with Project Dignity. Hillman has found her purpose.

On this episode of “The Word” podcast, Hillman shares her story of struggle, triumph, and her passion for helping others.

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