Large group events at Kettering Elementary School have been postponed after school nursing staff reported that 14 students experienced symptoms of gastroenteritis last week, according to Long Beach Unified School District spokesperson Chris Eftychiou.

“…Out of an abundance of caution, the school postponed a couple of large group events,” said Eftychiou. Those events included last Friday’s variety show and this Wednesday’s Fit-fest fundraiser, he said. The school will continue postponing large events for the remainder of the week before students go on spring break starting Friday.

Gastroenteritis is a common gastrointestinal illness that can be caused by norovirus and affects nearly 685 million people annually around the world, Eftychiou said. Common symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, cramps and low-grade fever that usually last 24 to 72 hours and can be spread easily from person to person.

The LBUSD is not testing for norovirus, said Eftychiou, but in mid-March there were 137 norovirus cases reported by students or staff at Carver Elementary School that led school officials to cancel or postpone all group events, including field trips; prevent students from mingling during their breaks; close down playground apparatuses; and conduct wellness checks. The school was ordered to close for multiple days following the outbreak.

Kettering Elementary School, which is located in East Long Beach, currently has about 300 students and 30 staff, Eftychiou said. The school has not determined the source of the illness.

Carver Elementary School ordered to close amid norovirus outbreak