Convalescent Home

Google Maps screenshot of Windsor Gardens Convalescent Center. 

The law firm Garcia, Artigliere and Medby, which has multiple locations throughout the United States, including Long Beach and Florida, has filed a lawsuit against the Long Beach-based Windsor Gardens Convalescent Center of Long Beach for elder abuse, neglect and negligent hiring and supervision.

The resident affected by the alleged abuse in particular is identified as Hattie Griffin, who suffered from a series of pressure ulcers, urinary tract infections and significant weight loss, all of which could have been prevented, according to a release issued by the firm.

“Rather than providing Hattie with the care needed to address the conditions for which she was transferred to the facility, the staff utterly ignored Hattie’s needs,” said Attorney Stephen Garcia in a statement. “They withheld required care, causing her to become malnourished and resulting in unwarranted weight loss.”

The complaint, which was filed March 22 at the Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges Griffin suffered from a “myriad” of various medical conditions that rendered her a high risk for pressure sore development, in addition to impaired mobility, trouble eating and incontinence of both bowel and bladder. Upon admission to the facility, the lawsuit states Griffin was not moved every two hours with her heels floated as she needed to be, something of which the staff was allegedly aware.

Griffin was also a diabetic and at risk of strokes, according to the suit. In the 12 months following her admission to the facility she lost 30 pounds, suffered urinary tract infections and the aforementioned ulcers, the suit states. The facility allegedly covered up the sores by placing socks on Griffin’s limbs, while allowing her to lay in her own feces without bathing her.

“Throughout Ms. Griffin’s residency, staff simply refused to provide her with the care she required,” the suit stated.

Employees at Windsor Gardens did not respond to the Post’s requests for comment at the time of publication.

The full complaint is available here.