The members of Station #2 on East Anaheim Street, are astride a Rambler Motor driven unit with 40-gallon chemical tanks and 500 feet of hose. But you knew that. The photo is one of many the LBFD is showcasing on its Facebook page to celebrate its 122nd anniversary.

Today, March 16, is the 122nd anniversary of the Long Beach Fire Department. Typical of first-responders, on this, a day when we should be celebrating them, they are once again giving back. If you go to the department’s Facebook page you’ll find a great collection of photos showing the LBFD over the years.

The above photo is part of that collection. It’s circa 1907 and shows Station 2 on East Anaheim Street. Look at those handsome devils on their Rambler Motor driven unit. Ah, some things never change.

According to the Long Beach Firefighter’s Museum, the LBFD began as a volunteer organization with a group of 28 firefighters on March 16, 1897, under the command of Capt. Kenyon C. Brewster. The new department was deemed necessary because of an increase in property loss due to fire-related incidents. It began operations with a hand-drawn ladder truck equipped with leather buckets, axes, and other miscellaneous fire equipment which was stored at a building in an alley near Ocean Avenue and First Street.

If you want to read more about the department’s history, click here to go to the LB Firefighter’s Museum page. If you’re not in the reading mood, but do want to see some great photos, go to the LBFD Facebook page. There’s everything there from fireboats to horse-drawn fire units.

And if you happen to see a firefighter today, say happy birthday, and thanks!