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When the bodies of an elderly father and son were discovered in the apartment they shared in May 2012, the Coroner originally thought that the deaths may have been the result of a murder-suicide. But in a statement released Wednesday by the Long Beach Police Department, the Coroner’s Office has determined the causes of death in both men to be natural. 

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On May 20, 2012, 53 year-old Steven Warshaw and 78 year-old Lawrence Warshaw were found in their apartment near the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Channel Dr. Though the homicide detectives were originally involved, autopsies showed that both passed away from cardio vascular disease, though the elder Warshaw also died from several undetermined factors. 

It is believed that Steven died first and because his father was confined to a wheelchair and was dependent on his son for care, that he passed away soon after.

“After reviewing the Coroner’s findings, processing the scene, and considering all other facts and evidence, homicide detectives are confident at this point that both deaths were the result of natural causes and have closed their case,” the statement said. 

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