Community organizations and businesses looking to participate in the 2024 Long Beach Pride Parade can submit an entry application from now through Wednesday, May 1.

This year’s parade, the 41st annual, is moving back to its regular May timeframe after being held in July and August in 2022 and 2023, respectively. This year, revelers will march down Ocean Boulevard on Sunday, May 19.

Who’s running. What’s at stake.

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Normally, the parade is produced by the nonprofit organization Long Beach Pride, but this year, the city is organizing and paying for the parade after Pride asked for help. The parade is estimated to cost about $130,000, paid for with $80,000 from the city’s one-time Special Events funds and $50,000 from the 2nd City Council District funds.

“We are truly grateful that the city is stepping up to support this parade so that it continues to be the beacon of light that it has always been for our community,” Long Beach Pride President Tonya Martin said in a statement.

Parade participants during the 2022 Long Beach Pride Parade, along Ocean Boulevard, Sunday, July 10, 2022. Photo by Stephen Carr.

The parade will coincide with the Long Beach Pride Festival, which Long Beach Pride is still organizing, on May 18 and 19 along the Downtown waterfront.

The Long Beach Pride Parade is one of the largest Pride celebrations in the state and one of the biggest events in the city, attracting tens of thousands of people every year.

More information and updates on the 2024 Long Beach Pride Parade can be found here. Info on the festival can be found here.

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