In this 2019 file photo, participants of Beach Streets are using Long Beach Bike Share bikes. Photo by Asia Morris.

After a three-month suspension over fear of coronavirus, the Long Beach Bikeshare program is slowly starting to pedal out the pandemic’s wave.

The Public Works department announced on Monday that more bikes were coming back for public use, along with new cleanliness guidelines.

City operators are being instructed to routinely clean the bikes’ surface areas that are more often touched.

A comeback also appears to be in the cards for shared-scooter companies, which were widely available in many cities, including Long Beach, before the pandemic.

Since the scooters are shared and touched frequently, Long Beach City Manager Tom Modica told the Long Beach Post last month that the city’s health orders bars them from being used during the pandemic.

However, it seems officials may be shifting its gears on that, as a recent memo from the city stated that the scooters would be back in circulation by Aug. 3. The city said it would work with e-scooter companies to ensure they are properly sanitized.

The redeployment of the city’s bike share program began this week, and is expected to take one to two weeks for full deployment, according to the Public Works department.