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The Long Beach Lambda Democratic Club has endorsed candidates and made recommendations on state-wide ballot measures for the General Election in November.

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According to Lambda’s By-laws, a candidate must be a Democrat to garner the endorsement, even in non-partisan races. However, even in a general election, party affiliation alone will not automatically generate an endorsement. The candidate must also meet the PAC Committee’s criteria.

Lambda also adopted positions on 4 of the 12 state-wide Initiatives slated for the November ballot and deferred positions on the others. Most notably, Lambda strongly urges a “NO” vote to both of the proposed amendments to the state constitution: Propositions 4 and 8.

Member of the Assembly,  District 54: Bonnie Lowenthal
Member of the Assembly, District 55: Warren Furutani
State Senate, District 27: Alan Lowenthal
United States Congressional Representative, District 46: Debbie Cook
United States Congressional Representative, District 37: No endorsement

Prop 1 : High Speed Rail Bond  – Yes
Prop 2: Protection of Farm Animals from Abuse – Yes
Prop 4: Constitutional Amendment: Parental Notification – NO
Prop 8: Constitutional Amendment: Elimination of Same-Sex Marriage  – NO

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