Long Beach, Los Angeles Area Rank 8th in Nation for Highest STEM Pay Increase • Long Beach Post

The combined cities of Los Angeles, Long Beach and Glendale constitute the 8th highest pay increase for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) occupations amongst US metropolitan areas, according to Bloomberg’s latest ranking.

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The LA-LB-GD area had an average increase in STEM pay of $9,250, or what amounts to a 12.4% increase since 2008. On average, STEM employees make $84,074 per year.

While we weren’t the hottest in regard to new hires in STEM employment (1,810 STEM employees hired, or a .9% increase), we did not experience the dramatic drop in hires that New York, sitting behind us at #9, saw: a loss of 16,440 STEM employees or a 6.3% decrease.

If other metros (outside of #2 Houston, #3 San Jose, and #4 San Francisco) were to compare to the number one metropolitan area, Seattle, they might be disheartened: the northwest center saw a 21,080 increase in new hires or a 12.9% increase, with an average pay increase of $14,930 (or an 18.8% increase since 2008).

California’s highest ranking metro is San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clarita, not shockingly. The tech capitol saw an increase in pay averaging some $12,129 (12.4% increase) with 9,470 new hires (6.3%) and the nation’s highest average salary for a STEM employee ($109,615 per year).

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