Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia Seeks to Expand Electric Vehicle Infrastructure • Long Beach Post

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Mayor Robert Garcia has announced that he is asking the Sustainable City Commission to lead an expansion of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure with an item on next week’s Long Beach City Council agenda.

The item, set to be heard by the council on November 3, specifically requests the commission look for “opportunities for expansion” of the EV infrastructure, according to a release issued by the mayor’s office today.

“Electric vehicle infrastructure is good for business and the environment,” said Garcia. “There are more EV’s on the road now, and the City has to keep up with the demand. We need to be a leader in this growing area.”

In fact, a 2014 policy based on the 2013 California Green Building Standards Code City requires EV charging stations in qualified developments and provides some in public garages and airports.

According to the release, the law states that new one- and two-family dwellings and townhouses with parking garages attached must be EV-capable. Additionally, new dwellings of 17 or more units are required to allocate at least three percent of parking spaces as EV charging stations, and new nonresidential buildings must include a specific percentage of parking for EVs.

The Mayor’s letter to City Council recommends potential policy actions, such as retrofitting existing public facilities, modifying the Title 18 Building Code and creating new installations in public facilities, including parks and beaches, as well as adding such infrastructure to private developments and commercial lots.

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