Long Beach set a record with the most recent rainstorm to hit Southern California over the weekend.

A record rainfall of 2.77 inches was set at the Long Beach Airport on Friday, breaking the old record of 1.81 inches set in 1980, according to the National Weather Service.

While the storm system affected the region from Thursday through Saturday, most of the precipitation fell on Friday, forecasters said.


City officials released numbers on Monday regarding calls for service in Long Beach over the weekend.

AlertLongBeach notifications were sent to about 6,000 residents and the police and fire communications centers increased staffing to handle the increased call volumes, according to city public information officer Kerry Gerot.

The city’s public works department received 70 calls of flooding, 155 downed trees, 36 private vehicles damaged, 13 structures damaged, three fences damaged, one tree fire from a downed power line (LBFD was at the scene) and numerous downed tree limbs calls. There were also six calls regarding out-of-service traffic signals and four calls for service regarding traffic signs.

All city parks were closed due to fallen trees and tree limbs, Gerot said, and various park facilities were reported damaged due to water intrusion. On the coast, the beach berms had to continuously be reinforced due to significant erosion.

The Long Beach Fire Department (LBFD) reported that its Search and Rescue teams responded to 67 calls for fallen limbs and small trees and its Swift Water teams responded to various vehicles in the water and victims needing rescue. These teams will continue to patrol rivers until the water flow rates drop to safe levels, Gerot said.

The LBFD also worked with Marine Bureau team vessels to secure vessels that became loose along the docks. A number of vessels lost sails.

According to LBFD, the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier remains closed until further notice due to damage and two docks that broke loose. They are now positioned on the sand.

In addition, LBFD spokesman Mark Miller said the fire department handled 168 storm-related calls on Friday. Those calls included: 102 reports of downed wires, 22 reports of traffic accidents, 21 reports of flooding, six reports of stranded vehicles, 12 reports of arcing wires and four reports of pole fires.

The Long Beach Airport had various inbound and outbound flights delayed or cancelled due to Friday’s weather conditions.

Long Beach residents who experienced property damage during the storm are encouraged to fill out the Los Angeles County Damage Assessment Survey, which can be found here.

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