So far, only about 17% of ballots in Long Beach have been returned in Tuesday’s primary election. Some more could still trickle in if they’ve been postmarked by Election Day, but overall turnout will likely remain dismal.

Turnout in Long Beach primary elections has often been low, but the numbers are down significantly from the 2020 March primary election, where 40.1% of voters cast ballots, and in the last general election when a historic  74.8% of voters showed up or mailed in their ballots.

Why is it such a struggle to get voters to the polls in races that aren’t as high profile as Trump vs. Biden? Are they losing faith in the system? Frustrated with a lack of solutions for homelessness and housing? Just tired of so many elections?

On this week’s “The Word” Long Beach Post political reporter Jason Ruiz sits down with Jackie Rae to discuss some of these issues and why voting in local races is still so important.

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