Man Found Without Pulse After Falling From Belmont Pier, Resuscitated by Firefighters • Long Beach Post

Long Beach lifeguards rescued a man who was found face down in the water and without a pulse after he fell from a railing at Belmont Pier Friday evening.

Members of a lifeguard rescue boat conducted CPR and lifesaving measures on the man immediately after they found him.

Long Beach Fire Department (LBFD) resources were originally dispatched at 5:46PM, according to LBFD spokesman Brian Fisk.

Fire personnel then transported the patient, who was in his 40s, to the Ballast Point Dock in Alamitos Bay where paramedics and rescue personnel were waiting to continue lifesaving measures.

“Paramedics continued advanced life support (ALS) treatment of the patient in route to a local hospital and were able to regain the man’s pulse and a stable blood pressure,” Fisk stated.

The patient’s outcome is unknown at this time.

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